Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Review: The Billionaire wins the Game by Melody Anne

This is the first book in the billionaire bachelors series. I liked it wish it did not have the love scenes in so much detail.
Joseph Anderson retired and thinks his three sons should marry and give him grandchildren to play with.  He found the perfect wife for Lucas his first child.
Amy Harper had just graduated from collage and Joseph Anderson hired her to be executive secretary for Lucas Anderson now the head of the company.
Lucas had no idea that he had a new secretary and did not want one that he did not choose. Awhile later he was getting jealous anytime Amy was talking with a single guy.  Lucas found out that Amy was living in a dangerous situation and moved her out.
Useally after the first three months a benafit package was given to new employees but because Amy was in need they were giving it to her now.
Apartment in the their building that was on the top floor. A car that was hers to drive for business and personal that would be replaced every two years with new model of her choosing.
Amy was raised by a junkie and was placed in foster care right before she began high school which was a better life for her and a chance for her to get scholarships she needed for collage.
Lucas and Amy had sex one time and she got pregnant but hid it first few months.  Lucas found out they got married right away and than had to figure out their relationship.
It is a typical romance and was enjoyable love Joseph.

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