Monday, January 2, 2012

Rose's Pledge by Dianna Crawford and Sally Laity

Never sure how this would turn out.  Did not want to put it down while my kindle recharged.  I hope thier are follow up books with these characters.
In England the police came and where going to throw her father in debt prison, but Rose convinces the cop to give her the rest of day to come up with the money.  She takes what ever she can find and sells it not enough so she sells herself for four years as a dentured servant in America.  Her younger sisters go with her they are supposed to go together but the ships Captain  sells them seperately.
Rose gets sold to old stinky guy who really never tells her about where they are going.  Just that he needs a new cook because his stomach his killing him. He also brings lots of goods for his store and milk cow, and chickens.
Rose ends up at a Indian camp.  The old trader was being honest in that he needs to eat  better. His indian wife  like Rose or for that fact her husband.
On their way to the Indian camp they run into Nate Kinyon and his partner Bob who are hunters,trapper and explores. Nate trys to talk Mr. Smith from taking Rose 300 miles into Indian terratory.
They end up escorting Rose and helping her learn  the things she needs to know. Bob is  half indian but doesn't fit in anywhere.  Bob is also a Christian.  Rose and Bob talk a lot about different Preachers and the scriptures.
Nate and Bob take off they are going to try and earn the money to free Rose before winter.  They go further out in more dangerous area with some goods of Trader Smith.
While they are gone away from the Indian camp.  Rose earns the respect of trader Smith and ends up taking care of a little blond six month orphan Jenny. Who's mother been kidnapped and injured who hangs on long enough to ask Rose to take her to her parents somehow.  Jenny softens traders Smiths heart. He plays with her daily and he starts teaching Rose the trading business when he realizes he is getting worse and going to die.  Before he dies he frees Rose.
So Rose is left by herself hoping Nate and Bob come back.  Rose keeps the trading going after Smith dies and his wife and her brother steals a lot of stuff,money and horses.
It is a very well told story and action  keeps going and new problems keep coming up.  I look forward to reading more books from Diana and Sally.I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
 01/01/2012 PUB Barbour Publishing, Inc.

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