Monday, January 9, 2012

Review: Designed for Death by Jean Harrington

Well I kept guessing the whole book who the murder was and till the end was not sure at all.Designed for Death keeps you in suspense to the end.  I look forward to reading more of Jean Harrington work. I hope their are more books with Deva Dunne.
Deva Dunne has moved down to Florida to get away from her old life.  Her husband's death was hard on her.  So she bought a condo and she has not worked for awhile until helping  Dick the owner of her condo's was redoing them and she did not like his taste so offered to help.  Dick sent her Treasure.  Treasure stopped by her condo and asked her for help with her condo.  Deva was excited to get back to designing and helped get the condo done all in white like Treasure wanted.  Deva was into the condo the day before Treasure was to move into it for a final check and saw blood on carpet.  She followed and found Treasure naked in the tub dead.
Everyone in the condo complex was a suspect. Treasure's neighbor next door Simon was just coming back  when he heard Deva scream,  Simon is a tax lawyer and going through a divorce.
Dick the complex owner strapped for money but getting the condos fixed up to sale. He is married to Marilyn.
AudreyAnn and Chip are living together in one condo.  AudreyAnn is a Pilates instructor. Chip is a retired chef.
Neal is a golfer for a living always going out of town.
Lots of suspects and lots of action for Deva.  Deva does not want to date, she is still not over her husband Jack.
Simon asks her to dinner to discuss fixing his condo up. Even lieutenant Rossi tries to take her to dinner.
I like Deva she is starting to enjoy her life and working again.  She keeps finding information out and gives it to Rossi. Who is always telling her to trust no one that everyone who knew Treasure is a suspect.  So Deva does not know who to trust. To top everything off their is a hurricane that is coming their way.
01/02/2012 PUB Carina Press

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