Saturday, January 7, 2012

Review: Next of Kin by Sharon Sala

I had a good time reading Next of Kin.  Their is violence and sex scenes in the story.
Beth witnessed a murder and does the right thing by calling the cops.  But their is some bad cops and later FBI that inform the murder and she escapes each time but after three near misses with the safe houses, Beth leaves the safe house.
Beth at the age of 17 had fallen in love with Ryal Walker age 25. They were distant cousins.  Beth parents took her and moved without anyone knowing where they were going.  Beth thought it was because of their love that her parents moved.  For 10 years she had gone from Rebel Ridge.  Beth called her Uncle Will and he got her out of L.A.
Ryal at age of 25 had fallen for Beth and planned to ask her at Christmas to marry him. She would be 18 by than. Ryal had tried to find Beth after they left but no one told him why or where her family moved too.  Thou a little while later he found the reason that they left home. Ryal made furniture for a living working out of his home.
Beth's parents were from the same area and she had lots of family who were willing and able to hide and protect her.
It was great to see how her family helped her even if she had been gone for 10 years.  Their is lot of action with the mob looking for her.  Lot of deaths in trying to protect her. The violence is not graphic. Will read a lot more books by Sharon Sala. I was given the ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
01/31/2012 Pub. Harlequin Mira Books

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