Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review Love Finds a Way by Wanda E. Brunstetter

This book has three stories in it.  I decided to write the review after I had read each short story.  I liked Blueberry Surprise.
Lorna has been a widow for about a year and is working two jobs. She was in collage as a music major when she met her husband. Lorna had quit school to help her husband to go to medical school when he was killed in a motorcycle accident.
Lorna has quit one of her jobs so she can go back to school and be a music teacher.
Evan got out of the Air Force and decided to go to a Christian Collage on GI bill.
He wanted to work with kids and he also wanted to get married and start a family.
Evan also was taking a online cooking class.
The first day of school they bumped into each other and papers flew.  They had a few classes together. Evan wanted to get to know her better. Kept asking her out.
Lorna did not want to date anyone. 
It was good to see Lorna opening up more and it was funny how Evan kept messing up cooking.
Doll Matchmaker
Sheila's grandmother had to move into a retirement place so she offered each grandchild to take something from her house to remember them by.
Sheila as a child would always play with this one doll and would pray that someday it would be hers.  So Sheila came for the doll after searching for it, found out it had been sold to antique store.
Dwaine had just bought a antique store from previous owners family because he had altimers. He had no idea where anything was so Dwaine and Sheila were on a hunt to find the doll.  In mean time Dwaine kept asking her out. Sheila liked him but she lived three states away and knew how hard long distance romances were.

Matchmaker 911
Wendy father Wayne was at the hospital cafe when he met Kyle.  Kyle helped him when he was struggling with his tray and cane. He thought Kyle would be good for his single daughter who was not interested in dating.
So he arranged a emergency and called timing it so Wendy coming home to fix lunch would meet Kyle the paramedic.  After the second call Kyle and his partner accepted the lunch offer.
Wendy was bitter from past romance and had a problem trusting men and worked as a barber and saw rude & crude behavior.  At first Wendy thought her dad was lonely since he could not work anymore but after third 911 call realized he was matchmaking.
I enjoyed all three stories. They were clean and left you with a smile.  I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
01/01/2012 PUB  Barbour Publishing, Inc.

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