Friday, January 20, 2012

Picture Perfect by Lanie Kincaid

It was a fun book watching them falling in love and thinking the other does not like me. Sometimes it would be fun to have group friends that get together so often.
Rae Madson works with a Private detective taking pictures of people cheating on their partners. The new case she is handed seems the guy goes to same places she goes than turns the page and sees his photo with his family and knows that he does cheat. It was her boyfriend and she was not the only one he saw.
Rae met her group of friends that night for their usual get together and they were really supportive of her. She drank alot of drinks and Colby was happy to carry her into her apartment then next few weeks spent more time with her.
At a christmas party get together Colby kissed her under misltoe then walked off. Rae could not forget that kiss.
Colby is a lawyer and decided to go smaller firm and not everything be work related. His mother sponsered new artists and covered their walls with the art or photographs. She liked to find and collect.  Colby one night over for dinner and saw a new photograph that drew his attention.  His mom kept talking about the new artist ray madison and wanted to help him get a show.
Colby took Rae over for dinner and than realized her print was on the wall.
Their is laughter, embarssing moments,sweet and anger makes for a good romance. Their was a couple of love scenes in the book.
This is the third book I have read of hers and have liked them all. So yes I will read more of her work.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
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