Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review: Black Tie Affair by Sherrill Bodine

Well this is the third Sherrill Bodine book that I have read this week.  I have  like all three. This one has an almost unbelievable poison in it. That actually did happen to a real person. Though I don't know if the sideeffects are the same.
Athena, Venus, and Diana Smith are sisters who are opening a store together Pandora's Box. A Vintage couture bazaar.  Their father was let go of his shop after working for years at Clayworth's.  Their father won't discuss it and Clayworths won't either they signed papers to that fact.
Athena doesn't want to do anything with them now, but she was in the process to get 4 vintage couture gowns of Bertha Palmer that are stored in a secret underground bomb shelter. The exhibt would be part of a scholarship fundraiser that her assistent would get.
When in the bombshelter in the vault by herself after an hour she is having halllucinations that Bertha is their and Jackie O but she was leaving so she was going to follow her. Bridget got Athena to the emergency room for help.  was Bridget was too worried about getting Athena to medical care she did not lock up the bombshelter and the four dresses were stollen.
Athena one of the side effects was telling the truth.  She was calling Drew's name and so he went to see her in her hospital room.
Drew Clayworth lost his parents at 18 and Athena betrayed him when she was 17.  Since then they stayed out of each others way.  Now the 4 dresses that were taken could infect others and they could be sued if others were harmed.
So Drew and Athena had to work together to find the dresses and they spend a lot of time together and look back at the things and see what happened.  As they find the dresses one by one.
Who knew that old dresses could end up poisoning those around them in just the right conditions (or wrong ones)
I enjoyed reading Black Tie affair and can't wait to read Diana's story if their is one coming.

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