Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Mother's Promise by Anna Schmidt

The Women of Pincraft

A Mother's Promise is a good story and made for a great Sunday read. It also made me greatful for my girl's good health.
Rachel Kaufman is a widow with a 12 year old son, who decides to leave Ohio, and take a new job in Florida.
Her old friend for collage lives thier and helped her get a job working in the new hospital. Rachel likes her new job but she is on call a lot and is working on getting her certifcate at the same time.
Justin Kaufman is 12 and for the first time is going to a public school. He gets into the wrong gang of kids.
Sally tries to be his friend but Justin listens to his new friends over her. Sally has luekemia and is in remission. Her father is on the President of the board at hospital. Her Uncle Ben is a doctor.
Rachel and Justin are living in a small guest house for free for the trial time at the hospital.
Everyone except Darcy Meekins hospital administrator likes Rachel and thinks she is doing a great job.
Dr. Ben Booker is single and is close to his sister and niece Sally. He works closely with Darcy at the hospital and does not realize she has set her cap for him.
Hester Rachel's friend that got her the job we met her in A Stranger's Gift. Some of the same characters can be found in both stories.
Thier is drama,conflict and problems but thier is forgiveness and hope, and love.
I have enjoyed getting to know these characters and would love to see them again.
I look forward to reading more books in The Women of Pincraft series.
I was given this ebook to read and in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
Publisher: Barbour Books (December 1, 2012) 320 pages ISBN-10: 1616262362

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