Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Big Sky River by Linda Lael Miller

4 stars

Big Sky River bring us back to Parable, Montana. This is Boone Taylor and Tara Kendall
Sheriff Taylor sons have been living with his big sister after his wife died. When his sister calls and tells him her husband was injured and would have months of therapy to go through. Boone agrees and leaves to pick up his sons.
Griffen 7 and Fletcher 5 have been living thier Aunt Molly and Uncle Bob for years.
Griffen is excited to go back with his father but Fletcher is unhappy and scared too.
Boone had never meant them to stay that long with his sister. He was scared amd anxious
to bring them back home.
Tara bought the property next door to Boone and has been raising chickens. She is from New York City.
Tara hates the eyesore that Boones trailer is but at least he cleaned up his yard this past year.
Tara ex-husband calls and asks her if his twin daughters can come stay with her while he takes his girl on long vacation. He has not wanted her to see them even though she raised them while they were very young. Elle and Erin were 12 and love Tara.
She was very willing to let them come, but she had to down play how much that meant for her because he could change his mind out of spite.
Tara went and traded her car a 2 seater in for a SUV to drive down and pick them up at the airport.
The four kids in a strange area for them bond together pretty fast when they get thrown together right after they get there.
I liked the romance, the kids characters,the community who come together and thier are a few characters that I do not like. There were a couple of love scenes. But plenty of plot.
I can't wait for the next story of linda's Parable Montana. I want to see the police chief of Parable fail. Which I should not be.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
Harlequin HQN (December 18, 2012) 368 pages ISBN-10: 0373777205

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