Monday, December 31, 2012

Divine Fury: An Enzo Lee Mystery Thriller by Robert B. Lowe

Wow! This book was a ride up and down. I was given this ebook by the author and asked to review it when I was done. The story made me think a lot. My personal thoughts are closer to the bad guys in the book. I am conservative. Thinking gays,sex without marriage is a sin,murder,stealing,hate are also sins. I decided that my review of the book might be influneced by my beliefs.
This is the second Enzo Lee Mystery that I have read. I have enjoyed both books.
The plot tells the story in a few persons and all tie really well in the end. At the start I was wondering.
Enzo Lee is a newspaper reporter that only wants to work on fluffy stories anymore. He has made a nice place for himself in San Fransico paper. Is boss wants him to help out by covering Scott Truman's murder. He ends up doing it. He is later asked to cover some politics of Andrew Harper a Gay man that has a good chance to win the Goverenship of California.
Thier is some people who want to stop a gay man as Govenor. One church is issueing lots of hate and bringing up abortion. Thier are some really hate filled web sites thier.
Terminator is hired to cause Andrew Harper failer in politics. He has hired a computer expert to write a virus that will spy on Harper's campagn. Then make what plans he have go wrong any he can. While the computer hacker is in a building late to plant the virus he runs into Scott in the building. Scott is killed and the body moved to a different site.
Terminator gets big boat out in the bay to disrupt Andrew Harper's press conference that ends up with reporters in the water after the bigger boat gets close to the littler boat.
A returning soldier in Montanna was sent home out of the army after his buddy was killed next to him and he had a brain injury. He has been buying lots of guns. taking lots of pills and is filled with hate.
Thier is so much hate against everyone who does not believe like they do. Made me think okay I believe this but this is wrong way to go about it. Just kept in the back of my mind okay this is bad oh I like that point. I did get lost in the story.
It has lots of action,politics,bombs but also lots of characters and thier relationship to each other made you root for them.
I will look forward to more Enzo Lee Mystery Thrillers to come. I like Robert B. Lowe's
writing style.
Publisher: Enzo Publications (November 29, 2012) ISBN-10: 0988644819 288 pages

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