Friday, December 7, 2012

Let Slip the Dogs of War: A Bard's Bed & Breakfast Mystery #1

Let Slip the Dogs of War: A Bard's Bed & Breakfast Mystery #1 by Sara M. Barton

This is a complicated mystery story. A lot of set up into the begining about how the bed and breakfast came to be a place for spys to vacation or meet ect. I can see
with this set up many books good be set their.
This novel is part comic farce,spy novel,action and wity dialog. I liked it but had to keep track of who was who and why.
The owner Uncle Edward is a retired spy and professor. Beatrice (not real name) used to run a book store for CIA now sent to help run bed & breakfast,Benedick a spy that was force out of CIA.
While Beatrice is making up a room her pets find a dead body under the bed. She calls her husband and using code lets him know she found a dead body.
Bea and Ben then get into a comedy to get the body hidden before anyone sees it. Then the body is stolen from them.
The story has a lot of humor and a lot of scary spy world out thier. I think it is pretty balanced. It is a very complicated plot. Trying to figure out who the bad guys are, the really bad guys, who everyone is really working for. Who the dead body is again and again.
I will read the next book in the series soon and look forward to seeing what that new book will be like.
I was given this ebook from the author and asked to give a honest review in exchange.
08/29/2012 PUB Words: 46743 (approximate) ISBN: 9781476284965

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