Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Guarding the Princess by Loreth Anne White

Guarding the Princess is book 4 in the Sahara Kings series. It is also one of the first books with the new cover and longer books in Harlequin Romantic Suspense line.
Personally I like the new cover design. They also said thier would be more action,suspense and romance and Guarding the Princess delivers as promised.
Princess Dalilah Al Arif of Al Na'Jar is engaged to Sheik Haroun Hassan of Sa'ud. They had just announced they will be wed in 19 months. Though they have been promised to each other when she was 5 by her father the King.
Dalilah is in Zimbabwe right now staying at a lodge near Victoria Falls. Tomorrow the delegates from the different countries will sign a deal and part of the deal will be ClearWater for this area. She has been working for 4 years to get ClearWater access in
Zimbabwe. This will be her last deal working for the charity ClearWater a nonprofit agency. She will also have to leave Manhattan and her foreign-investnent consulting job.
Amal Ghaffar is a merc. he has only one arm the other was shot off by Dalilah's family. They also killed his father too. He wants revenge and offers a million dollar bounty for her head or 4 million alive so he can kill her. He is already in Africa when he gets the news she is close by. Amal and his father were the ones that killed her parents and a brother.
Brandt Stryker is now a farmer in Botswana and some times pilot. He was also a merc. but one who chose who to work for. Omar Dalilah brother had word that Amal was offering a bounty on her and got Brandt to promise to get her out.
Brandt got thier durning dinner and got a bad feeling and watched the Princess when a group attacked the party shooting everyone. Dalilah was under the table trying to stop the bleeding on the guy next to her. She tried to fight Brandt and he had to knock her out to get her away fast.
This was supposed to be a quick job get in and fly her out till her brother can arrange to get her back home. Things don't work as planned.
Guarding the Princess is full of wonders of Africa wildlife, and scenery. Also about the some of the different people thier. Its jammed back action as they are running for thier lives. It's about survival and sometimes you have to go against your promises to yourself to survive and help others to survive.
Thier was a love scene that I skipped over.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
12/18/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Romantic Suspense 288 pages.

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