Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sagebrush Knights by Erica Vetsch

4 Knights ranchers, Shepard

Sagebrush Knights is a collection of 4 novels about 4 sisters being mail order brides in Wyoming territory 1874.
They are clean romances and are enjoyable to read.
Knight and Day
Widow Evelyn Gerhard Stanford is the oldest sister.Thier father died and they lost thier home. They decided to advertise to be mail order brides in the same area.
They are surprised that to the ranchers they are close but to the sisters they were thinking close like a city.
A cranky Preacher met the stage and plans to drop off each sister and marry the couple and than to the next. It would take full day to travel to all 4 homes.
Evelyn was the first to be dropped off. She had a ten year old boy she did not tell Gareth about.
Gareth did not tell her that he too was a widower with a 10 year old tom boy.
Challenges to make them a family was a fun story.
Jane Gerhard feels like she is invisible but she is a hard worker and makes the best of things.
Harrison Garvey is from back east and he made a contract that he would be able to make the ranch profitable and pay back the loan in 3 years or move back and work in factory. The 3 year is close to being done and he does not know if he will make. Harrison live in a sodie house.
Shining Armor
The person who made the contract Gwendolyn Gerhard died before she got thier and found it was the grandfather.
Matthew Parker did not want to marry anyone. But his sister talked him in letting her stay at least 6 weeks while the preacher goes on his travels.
Gwendolyn was just what 15 Bess needed she just got sick enough that now she was in a wheelchair and could not be left in the house by herself while the men worked.
On a White Charger
Emmeline Gerhard is the youngest sisters and is excited to be able to live on a ranch with a cowboy. When they get close they see a fire. It is her new house that burned. Her husband is not a cowboy but a shepard. He also refuses to defend his stock or home by killing anyone again.
I had a smile the whole time that I was reading this. I will look for more books by Erica Vetsch to read.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
Barbour Publishing, Inc. PUB 12/01/2012 352 pages

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