Wednesday, December 5, 2012

betrayal on the border Jill Elizabeth Nelson


Betrayal on the Border is a Love Inspired Suspense. It kept the suspense for most of the book and then they had to prove it. It is also a fast clean read. I enjoyed the novel.
Former army communications specialist Maddie Jerrard survived attack on her unit. They were on a joint mission to go across the border and raid a drug cartel. Someone gave them up. Maddie was injured and can't remember a lot of what happened that night. She was debriefed and cleared. Then she went into hiding. On three different times someone had tried to kill her. She was using a different name.
Maddie is now a apartment repairman. She was sent into a apartment to fix something and saw that they had been fixing a bomb. She was searching for the bomb when the owners came back in. She took them down and asked them where the bomb was. The news on t.v. showed that a reporter's car was bombed.
Maddie got her to go bag and was leaving on the run again. The bomb was not meant for her but the other survivor of the border attack investigative journalist Chris Mason.
It was close to her apartment building. Plus once the cops started taking prints in the bomb makers apartment they would be asking questions about her being their.
Chris learned a lot from when he was able to be thier as the task force was training and getting ready for thier mission. One thing he learned from Maddie was always start your car from key chain before you get to close. He was not in his car. But he did find Maddie's car.
Maddie does not trust that Chris was not the informer to the cartel but teamed up with him to figure out who was. They started searching and questioning those who knew about the mission and second stop they found a agent dead just barely.
Now they were wanted for questioning. The more they find the more action and danger occurs.
I really could see the story as Jill described it and got involved in the case. I will read more of Jill's work in the future.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense (December 1, 2012) pages 224 ASIN: B0092ML93O

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