Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Her New Year's Fortune by Allison Leigh


I liked this story. There was a love scene I skimmed over. I hope to see the next book in the series out soon.
Sarah-Jane Early was hostess at a wedding party. She seated a group of 5 good looking men that were part of the family and they all were without dates. One of the guys got her attention. Sarah-Jane has only had a couple of dates in her life.
Wyatt Fortune was at the family wedding with his 3 brothers and cousin for a week.
They at first did not want to leave work for a week and now none of his brothers are
going back to work in the family business. He talked them into it. Thier dad had raised them to be one time owners. Now he went behind thier backs and did something so they are protesting him.
Wyatt has not been drinking as much as his brothers at the bar. He knows he can't handle it as easely as them. He has been watching the hostess as she was helping with taking the glasses back to kitchen.
Wyatt stayed behind when his brothers were going to a different place. He sat in his car thinking when Sarah-Jane asked him if he wanted her to call him a cab. He asked her out and for her number. Sarah gave him a fake name and number.
Next day he ran into her at his hotel and got her to agree to have dinner with him.
He then tries to search for her but she was just helping out at the restraunt.
Wyatt is not used to working to just get someone to even have lunch with him.
They both are having issues with thier parents not being thier for them or they are thier the wrong way.
I look forward to seeing what happens with the rest of the fortunes in Red Rocks.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
Publisher: Harlequin (December 18, 2012) Imprint Harlequin Special Edition 224 pages

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