Monday, December 10, 2012

Charleston with a Clever Cougar: A Dance with Danger Mystery #6

Charleston with a Clever Cougar: A Dance with Danger Mystery #6 is full of drama and action. I like how the characters are helping each other when they see a need. Even if their strangers.
Cady owns her own bakery and coffee shop.Daisy one of her employees, is a daughter of Cady's friend.
Daisy's mom is fighting cancer. At times in the past she has been afraid she was going to lose her mom. Cady has tried to be thier for Daisy when she needs to talk or when her mom stays in the hospital. Her father left her mom during her cancer treatment for another women. They moved away and now have triplets. Her father is thinking of going back and trying to get the kids full time.
Daisy is driving Cady's van carefully when they are rearended. Witnesses say that the van was hit on purpose. Afterwards it took off.
Cady arms are banged up. She needs a lot of help to take care of the business this week. She has a wedding cake and favors to make, plus the regular needs of the bakery.
Cady uses the van to pick up and deliver things too.
Doc. is a new customer at the bakery. He was a medic in Afghan. He saw the accident and ran to see if anyone needed help.
The next day Doc just started to pitch in at the bakery because he saw they needed help and he was at loose ends. His new job starts in a week or so.
Cady is not used to asking for help. But she can;t drive or lift her arms over her head and accepts help. Cady is worried when Daisy was taking such a long time from empting the garbage and when she opens the door to check on her shes see Daisy fighting off attacker. Doc chases him off.
Who is trying to hurt a teenager? Why is Daisy being stalked?
I liked it but like her other series of books more. I was given this ebook by the author and asked to give honest review in turn. This is now the sixth book of hers I have read and all have been 4 to 5 stars. So yes I will read more of Sara's work in the future.
Published: Sep. 10, 2012 ISBN: 9781301105816
Words: 39707 (approximate)

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