Saturday, December 22, 2012

Time Bomb Ticking by Hyrum Laney

I was surprised by the subject of this novel. I was told about it today and went and bought it. I could not put the book down till I had finshed it. I was surprised thier was some foul language in it. Especially the one character early in the book. I shed tears at times.
I have to admit that the writer is my brother-in-law. Who is a farmer in Oregon. Was not expecting a book about Submarines on a mission to spy on China. I am impressed and wonder at all the research that had to go into this book.
The USS Charlotte with the mini sub on it that is able to deliver a 16 men Seal Team to where they need to go. Thier orders are to sneak into the Bo Hai Bay to see what the Chinese are doing. They are not supposed to be caught in thier and if they are then they need to destroy thier own sub.
The mini sub in new and everyone is excited to see how it works. It will make it easier in the future for Seals team to get where they need to go.
As part of their cover thier are two other US Navy ships doing war games with China.
The USS Charlotte makes it into the bay and hiding on the bottom of it. While the mini sub drops off the seals by a old ship that has not shown any sign of being in use for the last 6 weeks. They are on radio silence so the seal team hooks up a phone on the old junker to talk to the Charlotte. Two seals will be stationed on the junker while the other seals try and figure what the Chinese are doing in secret in the bay.
They notice right away that the old junker is leaking and is being pumped out regularly so thier intell is off.
Of course things don't go right with the mission. Thier is high drama, lots of action before the book is finshed. Some of the out comes is not how I wanted it to be.
The scary thing is China does have a lot of power over us with them owing so much of our debt.
I was impressed with Hyrum first novel and look forward to seeing what he does next.
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