Monday, December 31, 2012

Denali dreams by Ronie Kendig and Kimberley Woodhouse

Denali Dreams is a fun adventure novel with 4 stories that go together but are seperate. It is a Christian romance so it can be read by whole family without worry of sex or swearing in it.

Mountain Wishes by Kimberley Woodhouse

Karon Granger is a cancer survivor who plans to climb the mountain. She is a small women who trains for a year for it. She teaches kindergarden. Her brother Clint thinks she is crazy but insists on going with her. They have a fun relationship.
Ranger Zack Taylor is attracted to Karon but thinks Clint is her husband. Karon lets him know he is not. Zack can't get her out of his mind and follows her by radio to make sure her group is doing okay even after she turns down a date with him. Everyone can tell he is into her.
Karon is determined,brave and cares about others. I really liked her. Her courage and resourceful are put to the test.

Daring Heights by Ronie Kendig

Jolie Decouteau has just inheirited her father's company and is his replacement. His death might not be so innocent. Jolie is talked into going climbing with long time friends of her father's. Her life might be in danger so trusted friend convinced her to go.
When a couple of things go wrong and she is sick but does not act like mountain sickness. She decides to head down by herself in the night. She has problems focusing on what to do.
Ranger David Whiteeagle is sent up to rescue her. David is worried about her. He also thinks thier is someone following them to stop Jolie from getting down the mountain.
Adventure and mystery, romance in one story.

Taking Flight by Ronie Kendig
Deline Tsosie is a beautiful busy woman who does not date much. She is helping to run her father cafe business while he is in the hospital after a stroke and work at her business as a flightseeing tour guide. Taking care of her father too. Deline is hoping to merge her business with a friend.
Logan Knox is a ranger and keeps hiring her to take him for a tour of the mountains. While he hides his feeling that he is scared of hights. But he feels that is one way to be with her.
All of a sudden Deline's has a bunch of accidents. She soon realized that they are not accidents after all.

Denali Giardians by Kimberley Woodhouse
Josh Richards is new to the rangers and loves his job. He also likes Deanna.
Deanna Smith keeps to herself and does not talk about her past. Then she gets a email from her stalker saying he found her. Deanna calls her FBI contact and he gets thier to find Josh watching the house. Josh and his fellow rangers agree to help protect Deanna when they realize what is going on. Then they start to be picked off in seemingly accidents that are not.
The four stories kept my interest up the whole way and make me want to go see Alaska's Denali but not too climb it.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
01/31/2013 PUB Barbour Publishing, Inc.

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