Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last Chance Christmas by Hope Ramsay

Last Chance Christmas seems like a simple romance, but it deals with a lot of different problems. Thier are a lot of layers to this story. Some issues brought up predjuced of black & white couples in the sixtys,teenage drinking, predjuced of different faiths, the horrors of wars.
Lark Chaikin has come to Last Chance,South Carolina to spread her late father's ashes on the 18th hole of Golfing for God. She has no idea why he wanted to be spread around a place so far from New York.
Chief of Police Stone Rhodes sees the car parked by the closed golf course with New York license plates. He runs the plates and the name if familar to him. A name that could tear apart his town again. He finds Lark on the 18th hole and she passes out on him.
Lark finds out that her father came to town for 10 days and caused a stir. He took a black girl into the cafe and they sat together at the counter. He was camping out at the golf course. The owner was found dead and some people thought it was murder. Others a accident. It was Stone's grandfather who died.
Lark needs to get a bunch of okays before she can spread the ashes thier. Stone's father is against it, but he does not own all of the golf course anymore.
Stone is a widower who has two girls. The youngest is in 3rd grade and sees angels especially one that cries a lot. Haley wants for Christmas is the crying angel to get her wings and go to heaven.
Lizzie is a writer for the school paper. Her friend David is a photographer. David's family is Jewish. Some people don't like that they are different. Haley gets David & Lark to help them decorate thier Christmas tree that they have not put in years. Then David will invite Lizzie the next day to see how they celebrate Hanukkah.
I thought how they shared a little about each holiday was done in a good way. That they blended a lot of issues into the story showing how different it was from the 60's but thier is still room for improvemnt on predjuced. I got lost in the story while it unfolded.
Thier are two love scenes in the story. Lots of talks about angels.
I would like to read more books by Hope Ramsay in the future.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review by Netgalley.
09/25/2012 PUB Grand Central Publishing 352 pages ISBN-10: 0446576077

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