Sunday, December 2, 2012

Today's Shadows by Becky Melby


I enjoyed reading this book. Who doesn't like to think of finding secret rooms and staircases in your house, or treasure chests. The ending I liked but it felt rushed did not gel somehow.
Thier is no sex scenes, or swearing in the book so it is good for all ages.
Heather Conrad’s come to town to house sit her old boss's house for a month. It will
give her time to get her business plan in place and where she wants to open her coffee shop.
When she gets to the house she finds the mover van in the driveway and housefull of confusion instead of empty house. Heather ex-boyfriend married her sister this past week and its been hard to be maid of honor when you thought you would be the bride.
Natalie Brooks just bought a big old house and is going to take her daughter Izzy on a month long vacation but instead has to go overseas and work at a new job.
Natalie thinks Heather should watch over Izzy age 8 and unpack the house and still have a vacation. Plus thier seems to be somethings she is leaving out.
So instead of having time to make plans and heal she becomes the nanny for a month because she can't say no.
As Heather and Izzy leave the house to go get coffee she sees a man with a camera watching them. After leaving the coffee shop she sees that same man outside. Heather is a little unnerved to see him both places.
Later again at the coffee shop Izzy walks up to guy at the booth and starts question him. His name is Ryan. Heather comes up and they start conversation and She thinks of the man and the camera and hurrys out with Izzy.
Ryan is studying to be a police detective and works in security business and realizes Heather is acting suspious and asks the ladies in coffee shop if they notice anything about her. They are always flirting with Ryan so they tell him that a guy with a camera was asking questions about them too.
The book is also about a cook who worked in the house in 1910's and wrote stories about a mouse. Life how it was for the different classes. How they were trying to get women the vote and better working enviroment for children. So the stories keeps flashing back and forth.
Also a heiress to a hotel chain's father is in the hospital it is touch and go with him. Stephannie feels she has wasted the past decade and wants the chance to make her father proud of her. Stephannie sees a text on her father's phone that says. Found your daughter she has her mother's eyes. Stephannie thinks it might be an error but what if he really has a daughter who has not wasted so much? She needs to find out sees the picture of Heather and Izzy on the phone.
So the story is from different people and all end up in together melding to one story.
See how much I take for granted the right to vote and safe working enviroments we have.
It is so easy to get lost into the story and see what happens next.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
12/01/2012 PUB Barbour Publishing,Inc. Imprint Barbour

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