Sunday, December 9, 2012

Square Dance with a Scandalous Skunk: A Dance with Danger Mystery #1

4 stars
This is the fourth novel by Sara Barton that I have read this week. While I enjoyed it, I have to say of the four this is my least favorite of them.
Suzanne Dawkins works with her brother flipping houses. She has found one that she thinks will work and talks her brother into buying it. Even before they close on the house she has someone interested in it.
Jasper Wintonberry thinks the little house would be perfect for his mom. If she could help pick the options on the remodling even the better.
Suzanne had a crush on Jasper back in high school. So when he moved back to his hometown she welcomed him back.
Suzanne runs and one day she saw that Jasper runs too and she hopes to bump into him sometime. When she does is after she had taken a tumble down the hill while out running and she is a mess when Jasper stops and offers her a ride home.
When Jasper comes to the house the day the remodle starts to make arrangement for his mom to look at the house. Thier is a big commotion in the backyard as a dead body of the previous owner is dug up.
Thier is a another guy from school who is coming on to Suzanne and she thinks he is a creep who had date raped and blackmailed her friend.
Thier is a weird guy next store that tells them that she can't be thier because the owner will be back.
Someone is threatening Suzanne.
I like the characters and how they interact together. I like that Suzanne knows what she wants and is not afraid to say it. She is also strong enough to figure out how she can protect herself as she calls 911.
I will read more from Sara in the future. I got this book for free from Smashwords.
Published: July 30, 2012 Words: 25907 (approximate) ISBN: 9781476118567

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