Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Just A Cowboy and his Baby by Carolyn Brown,

I like the plot and the characters Just A Cowboy and his baby. Did not like the swearing and all the sex and sex talk. Thier was a lot of this story I just skipped over. I liked the humor. That Gemma was riding bronks in the rodeo. Thing that made me mad was the guy putting the drug in the drink.
Gemma O'Donnell is a hair dresser who just started riding full time as a rodeo Bronc
riding. Her goal is to be the second bronc riding champion. Gemma comes from a big family and she is the youngest in her family. She has to wear her lucky pink cowboy boots and a few other things that bring her luck.
Her sister-in-law told her fortune that she would get a cowboy and a baby for christmas.
Trace Coleman is leading so far in money and standings. He plans to win the National bronc riding in Vegas this year and with the purse buy his Uncle's ranch. Trace has been watching Gemma for awhile but has not met her or competed against her till now.
He makes a mistake by helping her climb into the shute.
Then Gemma blows him a kiss. She has a hard time getting her mind in the game. Neither one wants the distraction to get in thier way.
Then at a dance after the rodeo someone drugs her drink right after she drinks it Trace asks her to dance. After her two beers she is drunk and Trace takes her to his trailer when he can't get her to wake. He realizes she must have been drugged so he watches her instead of putting her in her trailer.
After that they start following each other to rodeo to another and come close fast.
I like Gemma's personality. I would love to see if Trace's cousins have thier own story.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
12/01/2012 Pub Sourcebooks Casablanca

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