Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Buzzard Table (Deborah Knott #18)Margaret Maron


This is the first Deborah Knott mystery that I have read but it will not be the last. I actually had another book of Margaret Maron's in my to read pile so now it will go towards the top of the pile. I like finding new authors that I have not read that have a list of book I can now go read.
I guess that this book brings two series together in it, Deborah Knott & Lt. Sigrid Harald. I understand that they had met in a earlier book.
Deborah has a big close family and most of them live close together. Thier are a lot of characters that are mentioned and probably met in another book. It is pretty easy to pick up and read Buzzard Table #18 and not be lost because I have not read any of the other 17 books before it.
Deborah is a judge in North Carolina. She has 11 older brothers. Her husband Dwight of a year is a deputy and as a son that he has living with them since his mother died a year ago.
Thier is a man from England Martin Crawford that has been studing turkey buzzards and photos of them. He has written books on different birds. He has a old foundation that he feeds them road kill and calls it a table. He is a distant relative of Sigrid and staying in an old family home with no electricity close to where Deborah's family farm is.
Sigrid and her mother are visiting because her grandmother Mrs. Lattimore is dying. Deborah let it slip when they had met earlier in New York city.
Thier is a real estate agent that has gone missing and in one of the houses she has been working with has a big blood stain on the couch.
Thier is a dead body found in the motel but after working the scene for a short time the FBI has taken over the scene and does not want Dwights help. Dwight does not want to share with them either. He was in the milatary and has some secrets he is keeping from his wife.
Another theme in the book deals with flights that might be taking prisoners from the United states to other countries that have more laxed laws about torture in them. A high school student is in Deborah's court for breaking into a airport building to try and take pictures of the plane. He gets community service and one of the people he gets to work with is Sigrid's Mother who is a photojournalist.
It is a novel where you get to know the characters and the community. As Dwights works the different cases.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
Published November 20th 2012 by Grand Central Publishing 320 pages ISBN 0446555827

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