Friday, April 22, 2011

Apr 22 Unleash the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon review

 like the story line. Its fun to see old characters from other books.too much sex scenes thouh.
wren is an orphan tigard. half weretiger and half weresnow leporard. his only real friend is marvan the monkey. he always wears his hair in dread and covering his eyes. he hardly speaks to anyone or looks them in the eyes. Wren works as busboy at scantuary. marguerite is a daughter of senator and almost done with lawschool.
Maggey and her study group go to the bar to remember missing member Nick.
Maggey and Wren meet thier is a lot of drama and they have to go back in time to prove innocent of killing his parents.  They have to deal with rich snobs. Wren's uncle tries to have him killed so they can have his money.  wren and maggey have to deal with thier different lifestyles. Its a nice story.

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