Thursday, April 28, 2011

review Be careful what you wish for by sibel hodge

It was a enjoyable to have female that was good at her job but have troubles too. Amber fox used to be a cop but now she is an insurance investigtor. Her boss was her ex- fiance and used to work for SAS. A friend of his from the SAS asked him to find out about his son the world weight boxing title who had a wierd boxing match. Vinnie was his promoter and manager and all around bad guy. Vinnie cousin was bankrobber who Amber arrested 10 years ago and he remembers her. Amber investigates what happened at the match and connects to a bank heist a few weeks ago.  Amber boyfriend that they are having a break from is Romeo investigating the bank heist and when amber runs accross dead bodies she deals with him. Romeo wants her to move in with  him and gave her an utimation. Brad still wants her back. She has a hard time choosing while she is investigating and finding out lots of  pieces to the puzzle. I enjoyed reading the book. four stars

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