Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Review Savage Nature by Christine Feehan

Its fun to see some of the same characters and meet new ones. Drake has had his leg operated on and he is ready to see if he can change into a panther again. He has not been able to do it for over 2 years and had given up on being able to change again.
Saria is a young woman who has run wild in the swamps around her family. Her dad was a drunk and her mom died when she was little and her brothers were older by at least 8 years and she was alone with her dad for years while her brothers left home for armed forces. She is a guide in the swamp and is starting to get recongition for her photos. she cooked clean house and worked traped aligators, fished and hunted and mangage the store and bar her family has had in the swamp from 10 years old.
While she is in the swamp at night in a blind trying to get a photo of baby birds she notices strange things in a remote place no one goes too. so after they leave she goes and finds a dead body that has been killed with a knife and panther bite.  She found out really young that her brothers were able to shift into panthers and as far as she knew none else can do that and her brothers dont talk to her about it. Her oldest brother is a homacide detective so she doesnt want to go to police.  So she writes a letter to owner of the land jake and sneaks it out and Drake and his team come to find out who the murder is and whats going on thier;
I enjoyed the book. skiped pages of love scenes.

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