Saturday, April 30, 2011

review : Kiss me deadly by michele hauf

Ravin is a witch who hunts vampires.  She has killed hundreds because they killed her parents two hundred years ago.  Raven has sold her soul or lent to the devil and she need to do 3 tasks for him. the second is to make a love potion she just finshed it and placed it on top of fridge too cool.  when her door gets blown open and a vampire comes through her magic with intent to kill her. A witch's blood can kill a vampire fast it eats them away. Nikolaus survived her blood bullets two months ago and just now is healed enough to come kill her. with the force he used to knock down the door the potioned rained down of Ravan and when nilolaus bit into her it went straight to him.
a vampire who survives on witch blood can never be hurt again by thier blood.  so nikolaus feels love for raven and stays with her convincing her to be lovers. If a vampire has blood sex with a witch he shares her magic and completely heals.
its a nice story line. fast read.

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