Thursday, April 21, 2011

Howling for my baby by beverly Rae

I enjoyed the story for most part. but too much sex detail.  Syd and her friend go to a physic she has had dreams of same guy and he turns into a warewolf.  she wants to meet him. Her father is a werewolf hunter and wants her to be in the family business.  but she is attracted to her dream guy and doesnt want to kill anything.
Jason is comming into his gym to check on the new manager with his accountant gay werewolf Benjy.  Jason is admiring a women from the back on a exersice machine which is syd. Syd turns looks at him and is startled the machine catches her shirt she falls on Jason. and rips her shirt off before it chokes her. embarress hers and gives her his shirt as he is ordered too. As she runs to the dressing room he remarks that he has just met his mate.
Later Syd takes pain pills for her bruised back and side than takes a drink of wine. her father comes in and gets her to agree to go on one hunt even though she says she wont shoot.
than jason comes after he leaves with flowers and wine.  they end in bed and he says something about them being mates she says she recongizes him too so he bit her not realizing she had combination of pills and wine. he ends up leaving to give her space to cool down.
two days later syd is on hunt with her father and runs across Jason and female who are changing somone hits the girl. she convinces her father and friend to let her finsh off the were by herself so they go after wounded girl. Syd feels like shooting him over jealousy but convinces everyone that she fately wounded him but he escaped down drain.
Syd is in process of changing into a werewolf and her mate is one and her father hates werewolfs and kills them. 
a lot of action, fights, laughter as they try and work through problems . I give 4 stars.

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