Thursday, April 21, 2011

frustrated to tears

just want to cry.  The doctor put me on a new week in a half where you gradually get to the full dose. i have been stumbling like crazy. my eyes just want to close and memory has gone.
yesterday i went to put my dentures in and couldn't find it. now i think i kept  in the top and it was loose so i think it must of come out in the night. i have searched as much as i can but i am afraid itsgone or damaged. and i cant afford to replace it.  or maybe i took out somewhere else cant rember.  so broke need to pay credit card off before samantha mission put this semmeseter on card for a few months 0 interest till aug. i have 75 in checking and 40 another and still have to pay electric,phone. for month. social security is hard to live on. I keep praying and trying to find teeth but just want to cry. i hate side effects and probably get more medicine tommorow allready

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