Saturday, March 24, 2012

Review: Loadstone by J. Philip Horne

I enjoyed reading Loadstone or should say listening to it on my Kindle. I did get lost a few times because did not realize it jumped to different character or place.
Its a YA fantasy book that takes place on two worlds going back and forth with Loadstones that are doorways for wizards.
Some weird creatures are after Jack and one actually poisons him during a battle between creatures a evil wizard Drakin and Jack's foster mother Miss edna.
Miss Edna with a shotgun killed a bunch of creatures not of this world and the wizard left saying he would be back for Edalwin to save Jack life for him.
Miss Edna takes the two seventh graders with her back to her world because their her magic is stronger and she can heal the poison in Jack.  She is afraid to leave Sally back on Earth because she doesn't know if evil wizard had marked her.
Edalwin has not been back to her world in over two hundred years. Their have been lots of changes. She used to be evil but has changed and has been doing good with what magic she could do on Earth.  In the past she worked with Drakin on evil side now she wants to fight him. She does not know why he wants Jack.
Back on Earth the FBI is trying to figure out what the dead creatures are and where Sally & Jack are. Were they kidnapped. Derek is trying to understand the impossible facts.
Edalwin is missing and jack & sally and Gerlock, Fortuna escape back to Earth and are picked up put in jail to hold till FBI get their but than other things happen when Derek is finding out what happens and lets them out when A dragon appears and kills lots of police and FBI and Derek ends going with them back to other world to escape.
thier is a lot of creatures and lands they travel trying to stop Drakin and get all their parties together again. They finally find Miss Edna and Jack is lost.
good clean fun. Look forward to next book.
I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review from librarything member.
CreateSpace (2011), Paperback, 252 pages

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