Saturday, August 2, 2014

Operation Zulu Redemption: Act of Treason - Part 4 by Ronie Kendig

The Explosive Ending to a Brand-new 5-part Serial Novel!

It’s Zero hour for Zulu. They’ve been targeted, hunted, deceived, and betrayed. Zulu is crumbling in their pursuit of justice. Even rifts within the team are tearing them apart. Téya can’t seem to unravel her bizarre connection with deadly assassin The Turk—and it’s causing her team to question her loyalty. Annie is unable to focus and sort out her strong feelings for Trace and Sam—and she fears she’ll end up losing them both. Nuala vows to support Boone, but a devastating tragedy pushes her limits. And Trace hates sending the team on dangerous missions alone, but there are some secrets he can’t reveal. In the shocking, explosive finale of Operation Zulu: Redemption, Trace has one last plan to draw the enemy out and take them down—for good. But will it work? Who can they really trust? Ultimately, what price will justice demand?

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August 8 -- Operation Zulu Redemption: Act of Treason -- Part 4

Ronie Kendig will leave you needing the next!
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My review: Operation Zulu Redemption: Act of Treason - Part 4 by Ronie Kendig


What a rollercoaster of a ride. It has been a good read. I love the cliffhanger endings of each part. But hate the wait till the next book. I think this is the best serial novel that I have read.

We got to know the characters. We got to see a little of their lives the past 5 years while they were undercover. I was not sure who to wish for more in their lives. Ronie was not afraid to kill off characters. Some before we got to know them. It gave you that the danger was real. That war kills, greed kills. That there might be future missions for Zulus. That you can have a exciting book without the foul language, or sex scenes.

This ties up all the cliffhangers in Act of Treason. We find out who was selling arms to whom received them. Why the children and woman were moved into to the warehouse. Who to trust.

They brought everybody together to draw out the enemy by honoring HOME the charity.

There are twists I did not see and some choices that I did see coming. I hope their is more to this series. I would love to see more of team Zulu in the future.

I was given this ebook to read and in return agreed to give honest review of it.

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