Tuesday, June 14, 2011

review Annie McGwire and the time flyer by mike zitie

5 stars
Okay I admit I am confused with time travel and cant change the past because it is always the past. I enjoyed reading aabout Annie and Mitch who are best friends in school they are also the top students thier age.  They like to hang around Doc who invents thinks. He has lots of gadgets around his house to deal with his laziness. Annie and Mitch sometimes help the doc with his experiments. But now Mitch has disappeared and the police are questioning the Doc. and he doesn't know how long they will keep him. He gets a coded message to Annie. And with what Mitch said before he was missing gave her and her uncle a hint. Annie decides to jump in the time machine and try and find him. after jumping back to the dinoasours and then the future a couple thousand years she meets Simon a time robot that helps her to search for Mitch and rescue him. It has lots of time jokes,adventure, bad guys and future events it keeps hopping around and keeps you wanting to know more. I hope another book is in the works. I would read it. I was given the ebook in exchange of honest review.

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