Saturday, June 18, 2011

review :Daphne and the silver ash by Joss Llewelyn

 I admit to tearing up at ending. Liked the short story. Daphne is a newly wed wife and new mother.  Justin her husband is a soldier and commands a small unit.
Daphne walks and carry her baby to the park and in the middle is a great silver ash tree. Daphne calls out to Bryn the nymph she brought someone to meet her.
 As she is showing off her baby  starts crying the Daphne starts singing to comfort her. Soon the whole park is quiet the great phoenix has flown down to listen to her and no one ever seen the phoenix so close. Its soon time for phoenix to be reborn in fire and renew the whole town with it. but the phoenix fears that she will die this time and so puts her spirit into Daphne.  So Daphne has to find out and solve the phoenix fears and save her whole town in the process.
Its a adventure story,part fairy tale has demon spirit and army waiting to march on thier town before it gets renewed. I was touched short read. I was given ebook in exchange for honest review.

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