Tuesday, June 14, 2011

review: Tale of Asha volume 1 by joseph robert lewis

4 stars
I Like Asha and her new friend Priya. Asha is a herbalist who goes traveling to find new animals and plant life that can help others. Asha finds people who need to help and gets envolved and helps them. When Asha was small she got bitten by a dragon and poisened and monk took her back to his temple and with a few years was cured mostly. she still has part of the dragon on her ear and can hear plants and animals now. It has ghosts, a mongoose, sunsnakes. Its a new world he has invented. I like joseph stories and look forward to reading more about Asha in future volumes. I want to know about her past, does she find her family. Why does she not like being called a doctor but a herbalist. Its a short easy read that keeps your attention. I was given ebook in an exchange for honest review.

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