Friday, June 10, 2011

Review; a Kingdom cost by J.R Tomlin

4 stars          
Its starts off with a boy getting beaten up because he spilt some fruit at a market in France 1300. James Douglas story what happened around him. Most of the characters where real people around real events that he gives life to what life might have been.
Bishop of ST. Andrews William de Lamberton who took in James as his squire after his father's death in prison for keeping james safe.
Edward 1 of Englang. King who conquered Scotland (the bad guys in James story)
Robert de Bruce who was crowned king of scottland and led some of the fight against English supporters.
It was an interesting and bloody time in Scottish history that I was not at all familar with. He did a lot of research in to time period to use the facts and names. It was a lot of fights and back stabbing traitors, It was well written. I was given the ebook in exchange for review

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