Thursday, June 30, 2011

Review Inhertited Murder by Lee Martin

4 stars
I have enjoyed the Deb Ralston mysteries. Deb is a police detective in Fort Worth, Texas in special crimes unit and handles some murder cases. Deb and foster child Lori just recently joined the Mormon church.  Her adopted son  Hal has been a member for years and at 19 he is going on a mission. So his family his vacationing  on the way to take him to the mission training center in Provo UT. His dad,Mom,Cameron 4 yr old brother and his girl friend Lori,also their pit bull dog
while they are visiting Salt Lake City they go to Gilgal a sculpter garden. ( I have lived with in a few minutes of the garden and never heard of it before and now want to go.) They discover Alexandra murdered body thier. She lives in the bed and breakfast that they are staying  with her sister. Alexandra has multiple personalitys. Georgina the owner of Bed and Breakfast asked Deb to find out what happened too her sister by talking to her friends that she does not think will talk to police.
So while Deb is trying to find out which personality Alexandra was murdered. she finds more murders before solving the case.
It kept me reading to find out what happens next. Good plot, clean murder mystery that I enjoyed.

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