Sunday, June 5, 2011

Review: The girl who disappeared twice by Andrea Kane

Andrea Kane seems to know her way around fbi and police and all the details to solve a case.
It started over 30 years ago of a kidnapped 6 year old Felicity out of bed she was sharing with her twin Hope who was not taken.
Now Hope little girl has been kidnapped right in front of the school. Hope is a family court judge and her husband defense lawyer. and police are setting up task force to find Krissy. Hope calls in a private firm Forensic Instincts who work out of the box. Cassie company she lives and busness all in one building. Marc ex FBI agent and seal. Ryan is electronic genius all work together.
The FBi Profiler is straight by the book Cassie's boyfriend first time they meet on the same case. Hutch also gives her the gift of 3 yr. old bloodhound that was forced to retire after great training but cant handle flying.
Patrick is retired FBI agent who was in charge of Felicity kidnapping that he never solved.
They are all working around the clock to try and find Krissy before its too late.
It all works together to make a great story that keeps you wanting them to find Krissy and does her kidnapping have any part of the past kidnapping. I enjoyed the story.

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