Saturday, June 11, 2011

review: Skin short stories by alex Owens

3 stars
The Title does fit perfectly.  There are 3 short stories. The first deals with Claire who's husband doc. told to get a divorce. Just because she is a newly made vampire and has sex with both females and males.  So Clair decides she needs a tatoo to mark the change. So the rest talks about tatoos.
the second is a nurse in care center giving old lady a bath and talks about old skin and describes getting her in shower.
the third is guy who does tanning of animal skinners and talks about tanning which is interesting till he starts working on a stranger and than dreams about others types of people skins.
The stories where fine but not really to my taste especially the last one, Not a subject that i enjoy.
I was given the ebook in exchange of review.

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