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The Glass Gauntlet by by Carter Roy( The Blood Guard Series, Book 2)

Discover The Blood Guard Series by Carter Roy just in time for Book 2!
The Glass Gauntlet available from Two Lions on August 18th!
Ronan Truelove barely survived his first encounter with his father and the Bend Sinister. Now, he’s determined to become one of the Blood Guard, a sword-wielding secret society sworn to protect thirty-six pure souls crucial to the world’s survival.

Eager to prove he’s got what it takes to become a Guard, Ronan can’t believe that the first mission he, Greta, and Sammy are sent on is to visit a weird-sounding school and take a series of tests called the Glass Gauntlet. Paper and pencils and nerdy scholarship—where’s the life-or-death challenge in that? Boring.

Only it’s not. For the Glass Gauntlet turns out to be dangerous head-to-head competitions against ruthless opponents. Nothing and no one are what they seem to be. Who can he trust and who will kill him? Ronan has to figure it out fast, because his enemies are multiplying, and soon he will have to pass the ultimate test: facing his father again and standing up to those who threaten not only him and his friends, but the world.

A big thanks from the whole team here at Two Lions for your interest in Carter Roy's The Glass Gauntlet, Book 2 in The Blood Guard series.
  • Age Range: 10 - 14 years
  • Grade Level: 4th - 8th
  • Series: The Blood Guard Series (Book 2)
  • Hardcover: 261 pages
  • Publisher: Two Lions (August 18, 2015)

A Note From the Publisher

Carter Roy has painted houses and worked on construction sites; waited tables and driven delivery trucks; been a stage hand for rock bands and a videographer on a cruise ship; worked as a line cook in a kitchen, a projectionist in a movie theater, and a rhetoric teacher at a university. He has been a reference librarian and a bookseller, edited hundreds of books for major publishers, and written award-winning short-stories for adult readers that appeared in a half-dozen journals and anthologies. But this is the first time he has written a novel. He lives in New York City. 
My review:  The Glass Gauntlet by by Carter Roy( The Blood Guard Series, Book 2)


I enjoyed book 1 The Blood Guard much more.  It was easier to put the book down.  It had good guys and bad guys, lots of sword fights, even water fights.  Cool tools.  Had some twists I did not see coming.

Ronan, Greta, and Sammy are being taught how to be blood guards in a old ghost town.  They don't really like it.  Especially Greta.  She keeps trying to breakout.

Ronan Truelove is 13 years old.  He has found out his father is a major bad guy who last time he saw him ordered his death. On the other hand his mother is a blood guard working to protect the pure. He is given a secret mission to follow Greta on her escapes and protect her.

Greta's parents are divorced.  She is a Pure but doesn't know it.  She wants to train and be a blood guard but she also wants to see her mother.  She is 13.

Sammy is a orphan he likes being trained to be a blood agent.  He had rotten foster parents who tried to kill him. He is only 11.

The Blood Guard as sworn to protect the 36 Pure good people in the world.  If the Pure get killed early before their time it throws the world off balance.  Last time 5 were murdered it caused WW11.

The Bend Sinister want to kill the 36 and cause the end of the world.  They have a lot of scientists working with them. One of the leaders is Ronan's father.

Ronan, Greta, Sammy and Jack get a mission of their own.  The three of them are entered into The Glass Gauntlet competition.  The winner wins 1,000,000 plus prizes and scholarship. It a reason for Jack to be on the estate to find something.

Things don't go like planned.  Instead of a test it is more physical, mental and no rules comp.
I wish there were more of the tests in the story.

The inventions are cool, dangerous and some are unbelievable.

I want to read more and see what happens next in the series.

I was given this ebook to read by Net Galley and Two Lions.  In return I agreed to give a honest review of The Glass Gauntlet.

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