Monday, June 18, 2012

Bet on a Cowboy by Julie Benson

Review: Bet on a Cowboy by Julie Benson 4 STARS Bet on a Cowboy was fun,warm hearted , silly and sad. It was a fun quick read. Thier is some sex scenes that I skipped over. I would read more from Julie in the future. Maggie Sullivan is the director of Finding Mrs. Right. They have to find a new bachelor in just 2 weeks. They decide to try for Rory McAlister but found out he was married but he had a single good looking brother Griffen McAlister. When Maggie called him to offer him the role he hung up on her, in fact twice. Maggie does not give up though so she flew to his ranch to explain he was not interested till she told him that he would be paid 3,000 a episode a total of 30,000 dollars. That got Griffens attention. He was willing to listen to more. Griffen was a rodeo bull rider till a car wreck injury made him quit riding. Since then he only worked on the ranch as a ranch hand. His mother was fighting cancer and Her only hope was a expensive treatment that was expensive and not covered by insurance. For his mom he could go on tv and make a fool of himself to pay part of the expense. Griffen thought that if he picked someone who would turn down his proposal that way he would be able to keep his word and could not be sued. He figured that if one he chooses won't want to live on thier ranch it would work. Griffen was full of charm and got away with lots because women would fall over to help him. Maggie was not going to give into Griffen especially when he would use his charm. Maggie knew she was a plain looking women. She was teased so bad in school she gave up trying to look good. She was thinking of becoming a single mother. She did not trust Griffen's flattery at all. She was starting to like him too much if she was not careful she could be fired and sued. Griffen thought Maggie had beautiful eyes and was enjoying her company more and more. He thought the women who were on the show were all alike. Not too smart even the lawyer asked dumb questions. Late one night Griffen and Maggie slept together and the condom broke. Both new that they could not afford to get caught and that one night was a big mistake. Because Griffen had to propose to one of the ladies or be sued. He had already spent the money. Then things got even worse for them. I was given this ebook to read in return for honest review by Netgalley. 06/01/2012 PUB Harlequin American Romance

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