Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Golden Flute Adventure of Lilli and Zane by Catherine Lanigan

What a fun adventure book. Love Lilli & Teddy characters.
Lilli is not afraid to be different. She decides to wear different costumes like she is a french one day. She is in high school and the only friends she has is Zane and Teddy who live next door. Though they all walk to school together Zane pulls ahead of her so other kids don't see her with him. Lilli's mother was murdered years ago. Her father and mother traveled all around the world finding artifacts and legends. Her father is in Cairo and will meet her in London for her spring break.
Teddy is 8 year old genius who takes cares of his family. Getting them up for work & school. Lunch money out even for his parents.  Reminds them of things when they have to go out of town.  He loves Lilli
Zane is 15 and Teddy's older brother. He likes Lilli but is embrassed by her at school. He is on lots of sport teams and popular and Lilli is picked on. They live next to Lilli in Texas. They have spent every spring break together except this year. Lilli is going to London with her nanny/housekeeper.
Zane is grounded and has to take Teddy everywhere with him. Thier parents are away at a conference.
Her father is in danger. Lilli has a dream that seems like her mom is telling her something and she tells her dad about it and what she discovered about the gold flute her mom sent her the day she was murdered.
Two different groups hears that Lilli has the flute and will take it with her to England.
After Lilli heads for airport Zane and Teddy see some people break into her house and room. They think Lilli is in danger and decide to go to London to keep her safe. They make it on same flight but don't let Lilli and especially her nanny see them on the plane till they get to London airport and tell them about the break in.
The three kids sneak away and get to meet her moms old friend and other places by themselves to solve problems.
I did not want to put the book down. Can't wait till the next book. It is a story that tells about some real history but it blends into a fantasy with Evil men killing and stealing to gain power and riches. Others are willing to do anything to save lives. Thier are magical powers that are used.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
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