Monday, June 4, 2012

A Secret Disgrace by Penny Jordan

4 stars It's sad that this is the last Penny Jordan novel. I have read her books for years. She passed away on Dec. 31,2011. She will be missed. Louise Anderson is trying to get her grandparents ashes buried in the graveuard of the church of Santa Maria. It was thier last wish. Louise has not been back to Santa Maria since 10 years ago she had shamed her family and they were asked to leave thier rental. Her father whos attention she has always tried to get said he was done with her. Her mother too did not want her. They wanted to get rid of her baby which she would not do. Her grandparents welcomed her and helped her. Duke of Falconari Caesar remembered her well and knew she had not forgiven him since she never answered his letters 10 years ago. Louise was surprised to hear Ceasar had recieved a letter after her grandfather died telling him he was a father and how good a mother was but her son needed a father figure in his life. Caesar asked if it was true? and when she said yes but they did not want anything from him. The Duke demanded a DNA test and if she tried to leave the island he would stop her taking his son. Thier are some love scenes in this book. I like Louise she admitted her mistakes than she got over them and made a good life for her and her son. Also feel bad about the way certain people treated her. I would like to go back and read the Penny Jordan books that I have missed sometime in the future. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 06/05/2012 PUB Harlequin Harlequin Presents

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