Friday, June 8, 2012

Review:Old Loves Die Hard by Lauren Carr

5 STARS Well now this week have read all 3 Mac Faraday novels and have really enjoyed them. They are full of twists and turns you might guess some but you won't guess all its secrets. They are clean as in no sex scenes or any vulgar langage but a lot of murder. This book Old Loves Die Hard is the second Mac Faraday novel. Mac is enjoying a visit with Archie and his half brother David when his ex-wife knocks at his door drunk asking for a second chance. Mac does not want another chance after 20 years of marriage his wife kicked him out of his house. She got the house and he got the credit cards bills he did not charge. Then right after he was told he inheirited millions when mystery writer Robin died. Mac was her son that she gave up for adoption 40 years ago. Mac took his ex-wife up to the 5 star inn he also inhierted to check her into. Mac found out at that time that he actually had his own penthouse suite that only for his & his guests use. Before Mac could take her up his ex-wife Christine took off when she saw the guy who she left Mac for and lived with till her money was gone Stephen and had a yelling fight with. After Mac took Christine up to the suite made arrangement to have breakfast with her in the morning when she was sober. When she was not down to meet Mac for breakfast he went up to get her and found Stephen dead and then he found Christine dead in the tub. Even with Mac working as a homicide detective for 20 years he made many mistakes before he called the murder in. Mac was now a suspect in the death of his ex-wife and her lover. It was a media circus that the murder took place in a 5 star inn in the owner's private suite who just inhierited millions 3 months ago. David the new Police chief is also Mac half brother though they just met months ago. David won't answer Mac's phone calls. Mac finds out some of whats going on from the man who is in charge of security. The more they find out why Stephen was here and staying at Mac's inn the more questions they have. The more they find the more dead bodies show up. Someone even takes shots at both David and Mac. Thier is humor in this mystery and part of it is with Mac's dog that he was left. Very smart dog who was a thief. I am sad that I have read all the Mac Faraday mysteries that are out. I look forward to reading more in the future I hope. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 04/26/2011 PUB CreateSpace Acorn Book Services

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