Monday, June 25, 2012

Review:The Last Single Maverick by Christine Rimmer

3 STARS I liked Jace and Joss. It takes a lot of nerve to go on the honeymoon without the groom & marriage. Jocelyn Marie found her groom to be in a closet making out with her bridesmade cousin. Jocelyn threw her ring at him and called of the wedding. Joss decided to still go on the honeymoon by herself and figure out what to do next. She has quit her job, gave up her apartment because she was going to move with her new husband to his new job in a new town. Jason has been unhappy with his life and he decided to quit his job with the family company and sell his house. He is not sure what he will do now or where he will live. He decided to go to the family reunion first in Montana. He thinks thats a big mistake because everyone wants to talk about him staying with the company if not in texas than the new branch office here. Jase knows he does not want to be in the oil business any more. He has not even dated for over six months. He escaped the reunion to go to a bar in the resort that only has one consumer at the bar. Jason goes to sit at the bar and over hears Joss on the telephone telling Kenny to stop calling her. That the wedding is off. Joss and Jace strike up a conversation and Joss tells him she is not going to sleep with him. Jace says just want to talk. When a one night stand from a year ago tries to draw Jace back to the reunion Joss pretends that Jace is with her. Jace talks Joss into being his best friend for the week with no benafits just fun and companionship. So Joss and Jace go to the reunion.Joss is made very welcomed and gets lots of invitations for the week they will both be thier in town. They start a real friendship till their last night in town. Jace's mom catches them at the hotel and sees Joss with a wedding dress and jumps to conclusion that they are going to be married. Thier are a lot of sex scenes in the book. Thier are some funny moments and dramas. It is a quck read. I would read more from Christine in the future. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 06/26/2012 PUB Harlequin Special Edition

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