Monday, June 11, 2012

The Unholy by Heather Graham

This was the most entertaining of her books. I really liked it.
The ghosts were the best part.
Alistair Archer was all by himself in his dad movie theater watching old movie one sunday. His father has a old theater that shows old movies and its closed on sunday. Thier is a tunnel that runs from the theater to his adjacent studio where they make special effects for different movies. they sit on two acres next too very old cemetery. Down in part of the tunnel is set up old movie scenes a museum. Some of the time you can go from one building to another but security is tight when they are working on blockbuster movie.
Alistair is surprised by a actress who says the door was open and begs him to let her see some of the props maybe help her get a small roll.
So Alistair let his girl talk to let him in through the tunnel. while by the scene of the movie they are remaking he sees that the locked door is open and hears Jenny scream and as he turns sees her get her throat sliced and runs slips in blood and knocks himself out.
The police arrest him for the murder of Jenny since he was alone with her in locked building.
Eddie Archer calls in some favors and gets a FBI special group to come in and help. The first one he calls his a old special effects employee that is part of this Krew. Sean Cameron does not believe Alistair would kill someone either.
Eddie also asks his employee Madison  to take Sean around and show hims the changes since he worked thier. Eddie told Sean that Madison is like him special.
 Madison sees ghosts but a lot of time she does not realize they are dead until someone else wonders who or what she is talking about. Eddie saw her a couple of times talking to know  one at the cemetary. Madison since she was real young learned not to let anyone know she sees people that others dont see.
In fact she saw an actor that looked like Humphrey Bogart and had a nice  talk with him till she realized it was really him. In fact Humphrey Bogart ends up living with her and watches old tv shows.
Sean after taking Madison to the morgue goes back to her apartment and sees Bogie and talks to him. Madison has never told anyone about her ghost and had never met anyone like her. Sean also asks what Jenny told her at the morgue.
Infact most his group of FBI agents can see ghosts. Jenny likes that she is not alone and they believe her.  Madison had someone sneaking around her place and Bogie was able to set off her car alarm scared someone off and woke Madison up.
Since the FBI agents can see the ghosts Bogie and Jenny help to try and find out who killed Jenny and how they got in and out of locked building.
Thier are some love scenes. and some scary scenes in this book.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
06/19/2012 PUB Harlequin Mira

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