Friday, June 8, 2012

It Murder My Son by Lauren Carr

4 STARS This is the first Mac Faraday Mystery. It's the second one I have read this week. I have found a new writer I like to read. Her Mysteries have lots of angles and lots of bad guys but thier has been lots of good guys too. In It's Murder, My son Mac Faraday just got divorced. His wife of twenty years as left him for another guy she was having an affair with she got the house and he got her credit card bills that he did not know about. After the divorce a lawyer came up and told him that his birth mother was famous mystery writer Robin Spencer and she died and left him a fortune. A 5 Star hotel & restraunt too. Mac quit his job and moved to the town of Spencer where Robin's family was named after. Where also a policeman was his half brother David lived. Mac found out his father died 5 years ago and he was the Chief of Police. So Mac did not know who or what his parents did also became a very good Murder detective for over 20 years. with his mansion came a smart trouble making dog named Gnarly and a guest house with Arche living in it for her life. Arche was his mother's editor and also helped do her research for her books. Mac found out his mom only had Gnarly for a little while because his owner was murder two houses away. Her husband did not want the dog and would not pay the vet bills after he almost died after his mistress was murdered. The story kept me up way late untill I could not keep my eyes open and finshed first thing this am. It has lots of humor along with all the mysteries going on in the story. Its entertaining. I guessed some of the answers but by no means all the answers. I badly wanted to go to the end and cheat late last night but I did not give in. Mac is not used to having money and what it can buy for you. I wished to find out more about his grown kids. Maybe in the next book that I read of his. If you like mystery story than I recommend you read Its Murder, My Son. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 06/28/2010 PUB CreateSpace Acorn Book Services

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