Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shades of Murder a Mac Faraday Mystery by Lauren Carr

5 Stars Shades of Murder is a great mystery story that takes place with more than one set of detectives investigating a case and how it all melds todgether. It kept me guessing all the time. I did guess a small part but no where near guessing all that went on. This is my first Mac Faraday Mystery and I think I am going to buy some of Lauren Carr's other books today. Thier were no sex scenes they showed the couples together but thats all maybe a kiss or waking up alone. I really like that at the beginning the story she has cast of characters, who they are. So if you forget who that person was you can flip to the front and be able to place the character. Which I did at one point. The first story took place at Deep Creek Lake, Maryland sept 6,2004 with David O'Callaghan as one of the Officers who worked the case before it went cold. He is now chief Police. Ilysa Ramsay was the victim and married to a rich rocket scientist that had a lot of defense contracts. Mac Faraday's just inheirted a painting that was stolen when Ilysa was murdered and sold to a fence to a Mob boss. So Mac wants to solve the cold case. Mac's half brother is David. Everybody is excited about the painting showing up thats leads to some clues to what happened the night of the murder. Joshua Thronton Hancock was asked to go to a prison to help a serial killer Oliver who was found guilty of 6 women's murder but everyone thinks it was 7. Oliver wants to do some good before he dies. He wants Mac's help to solve who victim #4 was and who murdered her because no one was looking thinking. Because everyone believes he killed her. Mac believes him and will do it for victim #4. Mac who is on vacation he is a proscuter asks for files on victim #4 but Lieutenant Sherry Bixby does not want him to look into it. far as she is concerned its a closed case and kicks him out. Detective Cameron Gates who worked the case slipped him the files behind Sherry's back and was willing to work to solve it they never did believe it was Oliver but a copycat. Cameron sees something that helps open that cold case up. Thier are a lot of unanswered questions in all 3 cases that become opened and lead to other questions. Its a fun mystery like the characters and the animals that are a hoot too. I want to read more books like this one soon. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 05/15/2012 PUB Acorn Book Services


Lauren Carr said...

Thank you, Rhonda! Yes,now that you read and love Shades of Murder, you have to read the rest of my Deep Creek Lake Mysteries. Start with the first, It's Murder, My Son. You made my day!

rhonda1111 said...

I just got 2 of your books from netgalley which i will read next. As you can tell I enjoyed reading your book.