Saturday, June 9, 2012

The line Between Here and Gone by Andrea Kane

Since I have read Twisted I have enjoyed being a fan of Andrea Kane.
Her newest book does not disppoint.
This is the second book of Forensic Instincts that I have read.
F.I.  is Casey Woods dream.  She has gathered together a team
of investigators who have different skill sets that work together
in a different way than the authoritys can.  Casey is a profiler
and lives on the top floor of the building.
Marc Devereaux is a former FBI and Navy Seal very
skilled and doesn't mind bending rules.
Claire just joined the team after working with them on the
kidnapping case.  She is psychic.
Also new after working with the kidnapping case is Retired
FBI Special Agent Patrick Lynch. Patrick does not like
to break the law and joined the team to bring order.
Ryan McKay is techno genius and strategic whiz.  He
builds little spy robots has very complicated computer
system down in the bottom floor.
They all work well together and solve their cases.
Amanda Gleason has a one month old son Justin who is
fighting for his life and needs a bone marrow transplant to
survive and he needs it fast.  Amanda can't do it and her only
relative is not a match.  Justin father Paul is the best chance
to be a good match, but Paul was murdered before she even
knew she was pregnant, or so she believed.
Amanda was sent a photo from a cell phone from a good friend
who knew Paul and saw him down in Washington D.C.
Amanda took the picture and went to F.I. to hire them to
find Paul and help her save her sons life.
Marc was the only one thier and took the case instead of
waiting for the whole team to gather and decide.
With Ryan's software they believe that Paul is alive but
they don't know if he faked his death or someone else did.
is he criminal or honest & scared.  They are determined to
find him no matter what gets thrown in their way.
The drama and suspense is good you don't know who are the
good or bad guys all are till the end chapters. Justin has so
many setbacks and problems.
I look forward to more stories from Andrea in the future.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest reviews
from Netgalley.
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