Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Nights by Susan Mallery

Summer Nights is another Fool's Gold story. Its fun to see the characters from other stories back. I enjoyed reading Summer Nights. Their was a few love scenes that I skipped over.
Shane Stryker is back in Fool's Gold living with his mother May, her boyfriend Glen, his brother Rafe, and his Fiance Heidi, who is Glen granddaughter.
Shane has bought land next to Rafe's and his building a house, barn. He raises racehorses. Besides just taking care of his own animals, he is taking care of his mother's animals that keep showing up. He is learning about the elephant that she has and that she needs friends. So they are trying all different animals for her and the ones that work are funny.
Annabelle Weiss is a librarian that has fun, smart, sexy, caring and is good friends with Charlie Dixon & Heidi.
Heidi is raising goats, sells cheese, milk. She got engaged in Summer nights to Rafe.
Charlie Dixon is a tall firefighter that does not date but is thinking of becomming a single mom. I feel like her story is coming up soon.
Annabelle is trying to raise money for a bookmobile that she can get books, computers to those that are more housebound. Right now she takes boxes of books in her trunk for a few different groups of people.
Annabelle, Charlie & Heidi come up with the idea of Annabelle take horse lessons from Shane and in the summer and with the horse dancing. The Dance of the Horse and dance of the happy virgin is a Maa-zib tradition hundreds of years ago.
Shane wants to have a family but after his divorce wants a plain, simple woman not passion and wild like his first wife. Heidi does not fit into what he wants except that he does want her.
The town is very involved in each others business as Shane finds out that he gets volunteered to teach girls to ride too. When Shane says he does not have horses for beginners. Horse's show up and saddles. Plus other animals show up that people think would be good friends for Priscilla the elephant herd.
I look forward to reading more books about Fool's Gold.  I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
06/19/2012 pub Harlequin    HarlequinMira

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