Saturday, June 30, 2012

HERON'S COVE BY Carla Neggers

4 STARS This is the second book of the Sharpe and Donovan Novel that I have read. I have enjoyed both and would read more in the future. Emma Sharpe has a interesting past. Her family has been in the art theft recovery for generations. So she is very knowledgeable in art. She was close to being a nun never took her final vows. After she decided to be a nun Emma went to Irland to work for her grandfather as Sharpe art recovery. Next she joined the FBI Agemt. She is now in a small special group of FBI out of Boston. Colin Donovan is a FBI Agent all he tells his family is he is a pencil pusher out of Washington DC. But he is working deep undercover assignments. He has lots of brothers some in law inforce and others lobsterman. Colin and Emma grew up in little towns close to each other but did not know each other or that they both work for FBI until Emma found a nun murdered that had called her about something and needed to see her. Colin's deep cover was blown and he was beat up and tied up and got away. Before he got far the calvary came. Emma and Colin's family has been worried about Colin because no one has heard from him for awhile. Emma knew what he was doing his brothers was guessing. When Emma got a phone call from a sorce saying a agent needed help. So she was able to send it in for Colin. Colin was working to find the buyers of ilegal arms that some russians were trying to sell when they tried to force him by beating him up. Sharpe agency has worked with russian billionare a couple of times the first time was in Russia when her grandfather went in to look at a collection that was found in the wall during demolition and than 4 years ago Emma was sent to London to look into the theft of the same collection. Emma has a Russian Jewelry designer from London come to her family business and warn that this collection was coming to Heron's cove and would be stolen. Emma's sorce that called her is Russian and so far his information has panned out. A Russian yacht sails into Heron's Cove that Emma's billionare client and her sorce is on. Emma and Colin have to decide what they both want in the future and how much they can tell each otherl I really enjoyed this novel and was not sure who was the bad guys till the end. It kept my interest in the book and would like to see more Sharpe and Donovan novels in the future. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 07/31/2012 PUB HarlequinMIRA

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